New Forest Stallion Areas 2014

Each year stallions are released onto the Open Forest to run with the free-roaming mares and sire the next generation of New Forest pony. The stallions are carefully selected by the Verderer’s of the New Forest and the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society. Only approved stallions are permitted to breed and will run with the mares for only four weeks. All stallions must be removed from the Forest by Monday 16th June.

The 2014 stallion areas are:
Name of stallion      –     Location

Applewitch Diversity – Ashley Fields

Halestorm Branston Pickle
– Pilley

Portmore Downpour – High Corner / Broomy

Cadland Masterplan – Matley

Sturtmoor Top Hat – Hale Purlieu

Lucky Lane Rollo – Durhill

Sway Mister Blue Sky – Shirley Holmes

Walhampton Scholars Farewell – Moonhills

Ashdene Record – Wootton

Bakeburn Benny – Millyford Bridge

Stallions to be turned out on Monday 19th May

Stallions must be off the Forest by Monday 16th June

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